DeepFresh, one of the brands of Aksan Kozmetik A.Ş., started production with wet wipes in 2008. Each year, it added many new products to its product range in line with the needs of consumers.
Today, it is taking strong and confident steps towards becoming the leader of the sector in the category of personal care and hygiene products that can be used by individuals of all age groups from 7 to 70.
DeepFresh, which aims to be in all areas of human life, removes the obstacles to people’s exploration of the world by meeting the needs of both hygiene and care with personal care and cleaning products. In this way, it enables them to be liberated by destroying the borders between them and life.
Being sensitive to its environment, DeepFresh also provides emotional support to people’s lives with its innovation and research. Strives to create a better world. Unity for this purpose knows its value.
He works so that everyone can live humanely and struggles with everything that stands in the way of living life to the fullest.
DeepFresh believes touching is the biggest discovery in life. He knows that we express our love and excitement by touch and thinks that we can make sense of our surroundings by touching. Today, it is proud to touch its customers with its products in the domestic and foreign markets.

DeepFresh Brand Personality


It produces products with high quality standards. It provides its customers with the right quality-price ratio and aims to meet the expectations of its customers at the highest level with its wide product range.


It aims to be the primary choice of the consumer with its personal care products produced using innovative and advanced technology.


It stands by people in difficult situations they face. It removes the obstacles with its innovations. It is sensitive to its surroundings and provides the emotional support people need.


With user-friendly products, it cares about human life, creating safe and quality content is its most important mission towards its customers.