Hair Conditioner - Honey&Milk
Product Code: S153 (300ml)
Product Code: S154 (500ml)
Product Code: S145 (750ml)

Personel Care Products

Hair Conditioner - Honey & Milk

● DeepFresh Honey & Milk Hair Conditioner makes it easy to comb of stubborn hair that is hard to be combed after bathing and eliminates hair problems that equire intensive care.
● Provides the moisture and care needed for the hair.
● It provides easy combed soft hair after use.

Herbal Conditioner with Keratin 500 ml
Product Code: S152

Personel Care Products

Herbal Conditioner with Keratin

● DeepFresh Hair Conditioner with Keratin cares for your hair skin with the keratin which is worn and dry due to external factors like sea, sun, dye.
● Restores the healthy and radiant appearance of hair.
● It does not contain alcohol.